Work From Home

Home-office, working from home, are all synonymous of the latest trend that has got youngsters of today in its grip. Earlier, people who changed jobs frequently were considered rolling stones who gathered no moss. Flattering stupid superiors and working hard was considered a sure-fire recipe for success. Not anymore. With technology advancing to suit individual needs, you are your own boss and you are in a position to reach out to anyone in any nook and cranny of the globe. Communication is just a ‘touch of button’ away. So, working from home is a comfortable option not only for women, but a growing number of men are opting for it too!

Among some of the well-known advantages of working from home are, that not being answerable to anyone, makes you your own boss! Imagine the pleasure of deciding how long to laze in bed on a cold day and not having to please some idiotic blockhead of a boss! Yet, you are answerable to yourself. Your time may be flexible or could be negotiated with your customers, for example when you work as a freelance-writer and are writing for sites which have different time zones from your own, you may have to keep up with the time-zone, but you still can time yourself according to your needs.

One clear advantage of working from home is, you have chosen your field. When you’ve chosen a certain field, you might’ve done so with a purpose, say it’s a passion you’re pursuing. Then, your work becomes a joyous outlet; work becomes worship! You no longer feel work is a drudge. And working from home becomes all the more beneficial, because home is a place where your thinking and creativity are both unleashed. Creative artists, writers, graphic designers, singers etc need time, their own space and pace and in an unrestricted environment, produce masterpieces! When you work from home, you are also free to pursue other interests. One young man became a father recently and had the advantage of working from home to venture out to meet his clients when it’s most convenient for him and them. He enjoys playing with his new-born daughter during the day and with a light-heart, sprints to meet his clients and meet all his obligations. In his own words, he says “Had I been working for an organization, I would’ve missed out on the pleasures of seeing my cherubic fairy smile wink at me. Working from home makes me rejoice every whimper my daughter produces!”

However, working from home is not a healthy option for the 20 something’s, who need experience and training under the able guidance of bosses. Also, working from home is no cake-work for people who have ten others working for them. Kate an agent and writer hires 10 other writers among whom she distributes her work. Says she, “Although I work from home, handling different projects simultaneously, checking writer’s work before sending them to clients, coordinating with both clients and writers, reminding writers to submit on time etc, can be a task. 오피

So, the bottom-line is that working from home calls for discipline, enforcing and following. Although you aren’t answerable to anyone, you’re answerable to yourself and your clients. Rejoicing when you reap profits and reminding yourself to excel when you incur losses is all a lone battle. You are your own boss and your own competitor.