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Everyone, no matter how old, loves dressing up. If you have something to celebrate, what better way to push the boat out than to hold a fancy dress party?

A friend of mine will celebrate her 30th birthday later this month and has decided she would like to hold a fancy dress party. I suggested to her that she have a themed party and, after much discussion with mutual friends, we have decided on a “naughty and nice” theme.

Basically, the idea is that the ladies will be in angel fancy dress costume and the men will dress as devils. However, two of the guests, husband and wife Micky and Louise, have decided it will be fun to indulge in a bit of role reversal. Louise will come dressed as a devil and Micky will be wearing an angel fancy dress costume! Micky is 6ft 2in and a keen amateur rugby player, so the sight of him dressed as an angel in white satin and lace with a pair of feathery wings should be a laugh! They wondered where they could find an angel fancy dress costume large enough to fit and asked my advice, as they know I am something of an expert on this subject. I was able to give them details of specialist on-line fancy dress retailers, some of whom stock plus sizes and “gender bender” clothes. Of course, the halo and wings should provide no problem as they are standard in any angel fancy dress costume and should fit OK, possibly with a little adjustment in fit for Micky’s broad rugby player shoulders. 11111 angel number

Two of the other guests have also decided on role reversal, but in a different way. Caroline has chosen a fallen angel theme for her fancy dress costume and has found a racy little red and black number from an on-line retailer. She will also be sporting a pair of large dramatic black wings and, with black fishnet tights and stilettos, will no doubt look stunning. Her boyfriend, meanwhile, will be dressed as the angel Gabriel, in a flowing white gown made from decorators’ dust sheets. She has bought his silver wings and glittery halo from a fancy dress retailer in an out-of-town shopping centre.

For my angel fancy dress costume, I have decided to go as a sexy silver angel. I have ordered from a store on the internet a strapless silver lamé mini-dress trimmed with fake fur around the bustline and hemline. The dress is completed with a silver waist belt and buckle decorated with crystals. My halo is made from white fur fabric attached to a headband and the wings are fur trimmed with printed net inset panels to represent feathers. A pair of white diamond net tights and long white nylon gloves will nicely complement my angel fancy dress costume. I can’t wait to get dressed up!