Closeness or intimacy is the bond that develops when we figure out how to communicate our musings and sentiments, and at a similar time, cautiously pay attention to the next. 


The next days are probably the coziest days of the year:  zodiac love life


  • Sun is conjunct Mercury in Cancer 


  • Venus in Cancer is ternary Mars in Scorpio. 


  • Gradually Venus and Mars will move toward Chiron to shape a beautiful, cozy, and healing. 


  • Water Grand Trine 


Sun is our character, and Mercury, Venus, and Mars are close to home planets. We don’t have this load of bodies in a state of harmony at a similar time AND in water signs. The energy is extremely mindful and personal. We ache for profound, passionate associations with others. Because Mercury is in cazimi with the Sun, and Mars just turned direct and is more impressive than in recent memory. We also try to communicate our requirements and wants. 


In a relationship or single, nowadays connect with others, even at a dispassionate level, even just for a handshake, since you need this human contact. You will probably profit a great deal from it. Being personal can trigger sensations of weakness. However, that is alright. Stay with them and let your heart tear open. Some harmful things must be given up, so all that is left is unadulterated love.