How to Draw 3D Cartoons – Tips and Techniques

Three-dimensional cartoons are great cartoons to learn these days. Yes, stick figures and simple cartoons are still appealing but if you want to go beyond stick figures, you can also explore and learn how to draw 3D cartoons.

Of course, they are more realistic and in these times, three dimensional cartoons are also the latest. If you want to try your hand on 3D drawing, especially on if you love to draw cartoons. 4anime

– Learn from the basic shapes. Spheres, cylinders, pyramids, hexagons and other basic shapes are your foundation in learning how to draw 3D cartoons. Practicing your three-dimensional drawing actually involves parallel lines to create a 3D effect.

– Shading or darkening is another technique that you can use to draw three dimensional cartoons. From a simple sketch of an object, you can actually apply shading to help bring out the 3D effect of your drawing. There are also techniques that you can use to do your shading. One technique is to use parallel lines for your shading, also termed hatching. Aside from parallel lines, you can also add lines crossing your parallel lines to create shading. You can also draw very faint lines to create shading on your drawings as well.

– Learn perspective. To learn how to draw 3D cartoons, it is also important to understand perspective. This is an important element for you to be able to draw in 3D. Learning how to get the perspective of your subject may be difficult at first, but if you are used to looking at something based on its perspective, you will also learn how to draw 3D quite easily. Take note that objects farther from you may appear smaller or shorter than those nearer than you. If you can train your eyes to look at objects in their perspective, you will eventually find it easy to draw in 3D as well.

– Practice with the usual things you see around. You can draw a bottle on top of the table or something that you find easy to draw. You just have to look at the lines and practice drawing it like it appeared in reality.

– Learn and hone your skills through practice. Mistakes are inevitable in any endeavor you want to undertake or skills you want to learn, just continue practicing and learn from your mistakes. Later, you can discover new things, learn new things and you can find it easy to draw in three dimensions.