A Brief Intro Into The Vivo Y33s


With the introduction of the innovative PayAsYouGo phones in the UK market, Vivo has once again thrown up its innovative smartphones to offer the users an unbeatable value for money. This time, it has launched the all new smartphone – Vivo Y33s. It comes with some of the best features and applications that have been developed by the manufacturing company, which are loaded with cutting edge technology. So, what more can you ask for in an android smartphone?

Android interface: One of the major differences between the Vivo Y33s and its counterparts is the android interface that is provided on the handset. It has a smooth and rich interface that not only looks beautiful but also is loaded with features that would really delight the android user. Apart, from the sleek design, one of the best features of the phone is its multi-touch user interface which enables quick and easy navigation of the homescreen. Multi-touch functionality means that you can use your fingers to navigate the homescreen to, you can also use the other five fingers to perform other functions like accessing the widgets, searching and viewing the recent apps. You can also buy the handset in various colour combination options which include blue, grey, gold and white.

Secure storage: If you are looking for a smartphone that can provide you with robust security than the Vivo Y 33s is the right choice for you. The phone comes with secure storage that comes in the form of micro SD card which ensures that your privacy is kept intact. The RAM of this smartphone is 1GB, which is sufficient enough to run all your apps without any hiccups. The battery of this smartphone is also long enough to enable you to use it for several hours.

5. 58 Inches: The phone comes with an impressive thickness which makes it feel compact. It weighs in at around 170 grams, which is slightly higher than the average smartphone. This high weight is in addition to the HD display, which is accompanied by capacitive display which further adds to its appealing appearance. The vivo y33s has a slight advantage over the competition with the ability to work on different wifi bands. The wifi antenna works flawlessly on GSM, CDMA and TDMA bands.

Hardware goodies: The handset comes with two USBs which are quite convenient. They allow you to transfer data and use the internal storage to store your favorite music, videos or photographs. There is no limit as to how much you can save on the internal storage when you use the USB. The two cameras on the back to enable you to take quality pictures. However, you will have to pay close attention as the resolution of the camera is lower than that of the LG Optimusaline. Despite this, the vivo y33s has an 8 megapixel camera, which is definitely better than the one of the Optimusaline.

Video calls: The Vivo Y33s offers a large memory card which supports OMAE and HSCSD standards for high definition video recording. This enables you to shoot high definition video clips without any difficulty. The Vivo Y33s has a unique dual camera setup with the primary camera placed at the back which allows for easy photo taking. The secondary camera is placed at the side and records the images, which are then displayed on the phone’s LCD screen. This gives you the opportunity to take pictures of your friends without having to press the camera button numerous times. This is why the Vivo Y33s has a lot of value added features and is considered to be one of the best handsets in the market today.